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Problem Project Review & Recovery

Example Project:-

787 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) Level D Integration, Test & Acceptance Through to Qualification


Client situation:

The client was developing their first 787 simulator and had made little visible progress in the integration phase of the programme for nearly 6 months and was liable for very large penalties in 9 months time. 


Our Task:

Review the status of the programme, produce an Integration Plan, budget and schedule to achieve Ready For Training (RFT) on schedule with the end user Aviation Authority and then deliver to it.


Our Approach to the Task:

The HSL CE initially reviewed the programme technical status and delivery requirements and then produced a phased integration plan with defined build up of functionality. An HSL Senior Engineering team were then brought in to mentor the Team leads in the 4 project sub-teams and help the client team of 40 Engineers to deliver. Test Schedules were produced, linked to the Integration Plan providing measurable progress. HSL Pilot & Simulator Qualification experts were brought in to guide the customer and end user test teams. The HSL CE mentored the client Lead Engineer, ensured the plan was adhered to and senior management kept informed of the status


Result Achieved

The programme achieved  RFT on the scheduled date as planned 9 months earlier with a lower headcount than had been planned by the client before HSL joined the programme.


Client Assessment of Performance:

The programme consistently passed senior management progress reviews with positive comments. It was stated that the programme could not have been delivered without HSL.

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