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Simulated Systems Development

HSL have provided Simulated systems to clients at fixed price or when more cost effective for high risk/ ill-defined projects at man day rates.

Recent Simulated systems we have developed include Engine and FADEC simulation for Level D FFS, Simulated RIU and A429 Comms and Data Handling. 

Amongst the many Simulator platforms we have covered in the civil domain are 787, 777, 737, 747, 767, 757, A350, A320, A330, A340, ATR72, Do328 and in the Military domain A400M, Tornado GR4, Eurofighter, Nimrod MRA4, A330 Voyager and MRTT, Sea King and Tristar.


Simulated Systems and Simulation Technologies we have covered include pretty much all civil and military systems including flight deck performance (Aero, engines, controls) and Avionics and Ancillary Systems plus Motion systems, Control loading, Visual displays and IG, weather, traffic and ATC as well as DIS, HLA, Network design, Synthetic Environments, Computer Generated Forces, and simulation of Weapons, Stores Management, Multi-mode Radar, ESM, DASS, Acoustics, Comms, Datalinks, Mission Support Systems and Tactical Control Systems.

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