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Whole Project Teams

Example Project:-

HSL were requested to support a client developing their first Level D Full Flight Simulator for an Airbus A320 utilising a baseline from a partner company 

HSL reviewed the baseline and finding it largely incomplete rapidly established a team of 16 engineers to carry out development on 90+% of the aircraft specific systems working with the latest Airbus Simulation DataPack. During the design process HSL worked with and mentored the client's Engineers and then supported them during integration and customer acceptance and qualification


HSL defined the design process and held formal design reviews and produced the design documentation, real time software, unit tests and unit test results and also the Acceptance Test Manuals, largely from scratch for all of the following systems:- Aerodynamics and QTG, Grd Reactions, Engines, APU, sEFCS, FAC, FMGC, MCDU, Dataloader, Flaps & Slats, ADIRU (IRU & ADC), DDRMI, ISIS, ADF, DME, ILS, MMR/GPS, Radalt, VOR/MB, EGPWS, EFIS & FCU, DMC, ECAM , EIS, FDR, FWS, SDAC, Electrics, Lighting, ECS, Fire Protection, Fuel Hydraulics, Landing Gear & Brakes, and A429 implementation, 

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