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Hunter Simulation

Providers of Simulation Expertise

Hunter Simulation was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing simulation technical expertise backed up by hard-won experience in managing and delivering simulation projects. With a nucleus of around 10 staff, we can and have provided anything from that one key engineer up to a team of 15 to 20 people when required for a project, through our network of experienced and reliable subcontractors.

Our Services

Our Services

When you work with Hunter Simulation you are not just getting bodies to fill your headcount with the keyword "Simulation" somewhere in their CV, you are gaining access to some of the most experienced Engineers and Pilots in the Simulation Industry – backed up by a wealth of Simulation Project & Engineering Management experience

Simulated Systems Development

Need a new Simulated system developing and don't have the skills or staff numbers in house? We can help... 

Problem Project Review & Recovery

Got a Simulator project that every month finds another month's work needed? Let us take a look...

Whole Project Teams

Got a one-off development that you don't want to recruit a whole team for that you won't need afterwards? Let's see if we can do it for you... 

Studies & Concept Development

Need specific expertise for your blue sky projects and production of working technology 

demonstrators? We either already have the expertise or can point you in the right direction...

Pilot Simulator Services

Need current TRE and TRI rated Pilots familiar with simulator acceptance and testing to test your sim or help a new customer with acceptance? 

Free Advice

Yes, free. Let us know what you want to do in the world of simulation and we will give you the benefit of our hard earned wisdom, free.


"The Hunter guys are terrific. Without them we could not have delivered our programme"

Senior VP

Major US Sim Manufacturer

Ready to find out more?

If you want to find out more about how we could help you simply fill in the contact form or email us directly at the address shown below

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